Dustin Meadows

Comedy. Punk Rock. Werewolves.


Dustin Meadows vs. The World

by Dustin Meadows

The debut album of Ohio comedian Dustin Meadows, recorded live at the Garden Theater in Columbus, Ohio on August 23, 2013.

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released 17 March 2014 

Cover Art: Kevin Bauer 
Audio: Roscoe Draher 

A massive hat tip to Zachariah Baird and the Garden Theater for having been very supportive of every stupid endeavor I've proposed to them. 

Thanks to every one who has ever shared a beer, a laugh, a stage, a moment or a bed with me. 

Thanks to the comics along the way who've been great friends and encouraged me to want to be better than I am while at the same time being great themselves. 

Thanks to those that were willing to let me set foot on their stage, whether I deserved it or not. 

Thanks to every single one of you beautiful dummies who've been the best people a hopeless idiot like me could possibly have in my life.